We Test, You Get The Best.

Suppose you want to buy something online. You’ve set your sights on an item. You’re almost sold, but you need more info. You need more than, “it’s a great product, buy it”.

You’re looking for technical data too. You have questions.

“Does this thing fit inside my handbag? Does it come in mauve with yellow spots? Can I carry it with me or is it too heavy? Will it take a selfie? Is it flame retardant? How many cups of coffee can it make? Will it cut through my neighbor’s tree? Will the police arrest me if I use it in public?”

All crucial questions. Who will answer them for you?

That’s where we come in.

Your personal research department

We’re the guy you run to for true, in-depth information about products available for sale online.

We spend hours, days, weeks testing merch. Then we write reviews thousands of words long so you can buy, or reject, with confidence.

Take the AeroPress, for instance. It’s an excellent buy. We’ve tested it to the nth degree and it keeps delivering delicious coffee.

Would we have told you it’s a good coffee maker if it sucked?

Not a chance. It would ruin our reputation. It’s not worth trying to make a quick buck; it’s not worth flushing trust down the toilet.

So, we’d rather not make a sale, than make a dishonest sale.

Why is our work important?

We’ve entered the age of AI.

It’s scary, bud.

We know, because we use it for some of our online projects.

You can spin up almost anything with AI. You can have AI spin up articles in any niche to make you look like a pro in that niche.

AI can make anyone look like a master, even if they’re a total pleb in a specific niche.

What AI can’t do, however, is tell you the truth about a product.

Even an expert AI prompter won’t be able to test a product and tell you the truth about it.

That’s why Rasp & Rivet’s work is important.

The further we as humans saunter into this morass of fake news and AI-generated content, the more you’ll need people who speak the truth.

That’s what we’ll continue doing with Rasp & Rivet.

So, sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss out on the truth.

The newsletter

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Who are we?

We’re two guys, Jansie and Ruben, who live on the coast in South Africa.

Jansie qualified as a toolmaker in 2000. Ruben is a crypto expert.

As a toolmaker, Jansie abused lathes and milling machines. Other machines too, but those were his favorites. He built and modified a wide variety of thingamabobs.

We’re committed to testing products to a level almost unseen, and giving you the truth about them.


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We treasure your support. It shows you appreciate our hard work.

About the website

We built Rasp & Rivet through our web development company, Bay Marketing Co, which has since been sold.

We specialize in SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly websites that work great for marketing.

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