Terms of service

Important: I cannot give your product a favourable review if it’s not worth a favourable review. Don’t think of me as your maketing partner. Think of me as the man in the street’s partner.

If you get the man on the street on your side, you’ve got the best marketing partner in the world.

These are the terms and conditions for having your product featured on Rasp And Rivet.

  • I DO NOT endorse crowdfunding projects.
  • You MUST send me a working copy of your product. I can’t review something I don’t test.
  • Your offering must be a tangible product. I don’t write about the arts or abstract concepts. I cover physical goods.
  • The fee covers ONLY the time spent writing your article.
    • I do not guarantee that the article will have people flock to your product.
  • Shipment and transport of your product, to me, is for your account.
  • I don’t return products. If you send me a prototype or copy, it becomes mine.
  • Any content surrounding your product, created by me, belongs to me.
    • You may only reuse or reproduce it with express written consent and a link back to the original source.
  • If you’re not happy with my article, you have the right to deny its publication.
    • The article remains my possession.
    • You forfeit the fee you paid for writing services.
    • I keep the product, to do with as I see fit.

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