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Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition

Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition

I started sharpening blades as a service and got the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition to help make quick work of smooth edges. But does it live up to its reputation?

Linkyo Knife Sharpener

Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener

I’m not fond of the Linkyo electric knife sharpener. Other sharpeners, like the Lansky Deluxe and Warthog 2, are better at sharpening smooth edged blades.

CamelBak Forge 16oz

CamelBak Forge 16oz Travel Mug

This review pits the CamelBak Forge 16oz against the Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop and Zojirushi SM-YAE48RA. I think it’s superior to both its competitors. Find out why.

Bosch GEX 125-1 AE random orbit sander

Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander

I bought the Bosch ROS20VSC (GEX 125-1 AE elsewhere) random orbit sander for sanding wood. It needed to work better than an orbital sander. Find out if it does.

Dremel DSM20 Saw Max

Dremel DSM20 Saw Max

I bought the Dremel DSM20 for cutting wood. It needed to do a better job than a jigsaw. Read this post to see if it does.

Zyliss santoku knife in action

Zyliss Knives

Zyliss makes a range of funky coloured knives. But are they good at cutting?

Victorinox Wine Master

Victorinox Wine Master

The Victorinox Wine Master is the wine connoisseur’s choice for opening a bottle of wine in style.

The Staresso makes a fantastic espresso using ground coffee or capsules

Staresso Mini Espresso Maker

The Staresso espresso maker is an affordable manual espresso machine that makes a lovely espresso. It makes espresso with ground coffee or coffee capsules.

The Bobble Presse in all its glory

Bobble Presse

First I made coffee in the Bobble Presse. Then I stepped on it. Then it jammed. Then my son whacked it with a hammer. Then I squashed it in a vice. It won’t make coffee again. But I’m not bothered. I own an AeroPress.

The AeroPress portable coffee maker makes great coffee in minutes, cleans in seconds and saves you money

Aerobie AeroPress

You need the AeroPress if you can live with making cup after cup of delicious coffee. It’s quick and easy to use and clean, and saves you money.

Aramex Global Shopper

Aramex Global Shopper

I ordered a bunch of stuff from the USA and China and had Aramex Global Shopper handle delivery. Here’s my experience.

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