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before you put your money where your mouse is…

You see an AWESOME product and HAVE to own it. You’ve been waiting for it for years. It’s going to change your life forever.

So, you read the reviews. Wow, so many five stars. This product must be great! If all of these people are loving it, I must be missing out…

You take out your wallet and put your money where your mouse is.

When the box arrives, you’re so excited you almost cut the product in your haste to open the package with a carpet knife.

You remove your order from the box. Ooooh, a shiny new toy. It’s so beautiful!

But the moment you start using it, you need to come up with excuses for why you bought it. It doesn’t work as well as you’d wanted to believe. After fooling yourself for a while, you give up, knowing that you’ve dumped your money on a piece of junk.

Stop throwing money at rubbish.

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