The UrbaNext Motorised Bicycle Wheel Turns Any Two Wheeled Sweat Factory Into An Ebike

UrbaNext is a motorised wheel that runs off a battery and turns your ordinary bicycle into an e-bicycle.
UrbaNext electric wheel

UPDATE: The UrbaNext has joined my Red List. If you take a look at their Facebook page you’ll notice a large amount of unhappy investors.

The UrbaNext team aims to make electric bicycle technology accessible. They’ve created a prototype motorised wheel that’s easy to install and fits almost any bicycle. They’re using Indiegogo to crowdfund the project.

So you read an article about the Flash e-bike and you think it’s gorgeous.

You’d love to own an electric bike; do your part for the environment; get a little more exercise.

But the pricetag, even though it’s not bad, is out of your reach. (It’s an e-bike, after all.)

Besides, you have a bicycle. She’s a little rusty and moans when you take her for a ride, but she does the job.

Can you have the best of both worlds?

UrbaNext says you can.

They’ve created a prototype motorised wheel that fits most bicycles.

Let’s take a closer look…


The top model UrbaNext wheel, The UrbanX Booster, is powered by a 350 watt motor, delivering a top speed of 32 kph. Not the quickest bike on the block, but not bad.


The UrbanX Booster delivers a range of up to 48 kms.

I live 2.9 kms from my office. That means I’d be able to commute to work and back for 8.27 days.

That’s a week and a half of (week day) travel before it needs a charge.


The UrbaNext comes in seven sizes. They started with six, but they made their stretch goal of half a million dollars, which unlocked the 20 inch wheel.

Here are the sizes:

  • 20″
  • 24″
  • 26″
  • 27.5″
  • 29″
  • 650c
  • 700c

That covers most bicycle wheel sizes.

The UrbaNext wheel fits most traditional bicycles
The UrbaNext wheel fits most traditional bicycles.

Brake type compatibility

The UrbaNext works fine with rim brakes or disc brakes.

Tyre compatibility

You’re not limited to using a specific tyre size for the UrbaNext to work.


The UrbaNext offers three models:

  • Urban X Eco Throttle V
    • No need to pedal. Use the throttle and let the wheel do the work.
  • Urban X Eco Pedal Assist
    • Activate one of the UrbaNext’s three assistance levels and get by with a little help from your friend.
  • Urban X Booster
    • Why choose? Get the throttle and receive a little help through pedal assist. The best of both worlds.

How to install

You can have an electric bike in five steps:

  1. Remove your bicycle’s front wheel.
  2. Secure the UrbaNext wheel in its place.
  3. Remove one of your handlebar grips.
  4. Mount the UrbaNext throttle to the bike’s handlebar.
  5. Connect the throttle cable to the wheel.


The UrbaNext comes with a removable lithium ion battery (36V, 3500mAH, 126WH).

It’s easy to swop out, which means you can buy two, keep one in your backpack and double your range.

Battery size

They don’t share battery size in their campaign, but from pictures and their promo video it’s clear that you can handle the battery with one hand.

The bright blue thing is the UrbaNext's removable battery
The bright blue thing is the UrbaNext’s removable battery.

Charging time

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge the UrbaNext battery.

Wheel weight

The wheel weighs 6.8 kgs.

That’s what you’re adding to your bike when you use the UrbaNext.

You won’t be able to pull off wheelies if you use it. If you plan on doing that, you might want to buy a kidney belt. 6.8 kgs is a lot of extra weight.


They make the UrbaNext of aviation aluminium, but they don’t say which grade.

The app

The UrbaNext comes with an app (Android or iPhone) that allows you to connect to the wheel via Bluetooth.

You can see the wheel’s battery level in the app. You also use the app to select one of three levels of pedal assist, if you own the UrbanX Eco Pedal Assist or UrbanX Booster model.

I couldn’t find these apps on iTunes or Google Play. No idea why Urbanext doesn’t share links.

The UrbaNext works with a free app available for Android and iPhone
The UrbaNext works with a free app available for Android and iPhone.


UrbaNext offers the following extras:

  • One metre extension cable for larger bikes.
  • Stainless steel torque arm.
  • Anti-theft wheel lock.

You can get these extras through the Indiegogo page.


The UrbaNext seems much cheaper than the Flash, but it’s a single component, not a full electric bicycle.

Here are the Early Bird prices:

  • Urban X Eco Throttle V – $319 (55% off retail)
  • Urban X Eco Pedal Assist – $319 (55% off retail)
  • Urban X Booster – $419 (47% off retail)


The UrbaNext ships worldwide. They one up Flash in this regard, since Flash only covers US destinations.


The UrbaNext comes with a one year limited warranty.


The UrbaNext looks like a great product. It’s received more than a 1000% of its funding on Indiegogo, so people love the idea.

But there are some concerns.

Handlebar restrictions

From what I can gather, the UrbaNext throttle won’t fit bullhorn handlebars, drop handlebars or aerobars.

If I’m mistaken, please leave a comment below to correct me.

Scant company details

Compared to the Flash electric bicycle guys, the UrbaNext guys did a poor job of sharing company and product info.

For instance, it’s not clear whether the two cheaper models, the Urban X Eco Throttle V and Urban X Eco Pedal Assist, house smaller motors than the Urban X Booster.

They also don’t have a website.

I find this strange.

How am I supposed to trust someone who shares as little info about themselves as possible?

Time will tell if they can deliver.

Final thoughts

The UrbaNext looks like a great alternative to a full electric bicycle.

The real boon is that you can use it on your existing bike. If you don’t feel like receiving assistance, remove it. Need a little help? Reattach the UrbaNext.

You can share The UrbaNext with a loved one or housemate. Buy one wheel, use it on more than one bicycle.

The UrbaNext is not much cheaper than the Flash. It’s less than half the price, yes, but it’s not even half the product.

Still, it’s a great looking product.

It gives you ample speed and enough range. If you’re not happy with the range, you can buy an extra battery and keep it in your backpack.


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14 thoughts on “The UrbaNext Motorised Bicycle Wheel Turns Any Two Wheeled Sweat Factory Into An Ebike

  1. THIS PRODUCT IS GARBAGE!!! i was one of the first backers on kickstarter and still have not received parts ordered MONTHS AGO!!!! just cotacted Urbanext to follow up and they are asking me to pay MORE MONEY TO SHIP.


  2. Who did you contact, I get no response. My wheel stop working.( it never worked as advertised) and never got my perks. I’m in CA going to call the state to find where their office is at, and sue them.

  3. UrbaNext Wheel I’m still waiting for a bad replacement throttle….have not yet had the pleasure of riding my new e bike. I got the wheel in Aug. still waiting for working throttle. Not sure if the wheel even works yet.
    Mike, Bend Oregon

  4. I have paid them and pre odered it. But i have still not got my wheel and the only contact email i had is now also not working. I jave no idea where my money is gone.

  5. I ordered my wheel in August 2017 with a delivery estimate to Australia in Sept 2017…. then started to see 100’s of bad reviews from unhappy backers. Many many emails & blog complaints later I received my wheel at my local post office 7 (that’s right seven) months later. Just a few weeks ago. The experience dealing with these guys who have poor communication skills, little company info, changing email addresses, & lame delay excuses led me to believe I’d blown around $700AUD (including postage).
    As it turns out I’m actually loving the wheel even it’s not perfect. It fits great. Runs great & makes my 23 km commute much easier. Downside. I hope nothing goes wrong as I doubt I’ll be alive by the time I get a reply or replacement item. The battery doesn’t last 45km as stated. I’d be lucky to get 30km pedaling full time on the flats. Top speed isn’t as stated but I average about 25km/h (again pedaling hard) over an hour.
    Summing up. Does it work? Yes. Do I like it? Yes. Did I enjoy the process? Hell NO. Would I buy one again? No. I’d put $700 into a nice 2nd hand carbon bike & get fitter. I’ll never use indiegogo again either. They abandoned my complaints but happily took their share of the money. If all smelt of scam. Avoid at all cost.

  6. I paid heaps of $$$ from NZ. I have been emailing them as my wheel still hasnt arrived and no reply. Last communication was in Sept 2017 when they said it had been shipped. Have I been ripped off? I cannot fund anyone to contact. Can anyone help?

  7. These guys are complete frauds. I bought the wheel last year and when I received it the wheel axles did not fit the dropouts on my bike. So I had to file the axles down to make it fit. But that wasn’t even the problem. After charging the battery I connected the throttle to the battery but all the lights on throttle lit up. And it did not run. I tried contacting the company at their email numerous times but have not heard back from them. Last time I will ever buy anything from non-reputed companies. Just not worth it. Especially, when Asians are involved.

    • AR, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience.

      Best is to steer clear of crowdfunding. There are products on the market from reputable companies. We don’t need crowdfunding.